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Beautiful Girl
I really can't stand skanky bitches who can't find a man of their own so they have to go after other girls men. Seriously? Get a life. You are disgusting trash. I would never mess around with a guy who has a girlfriend. Hello. Grow UP.


Hi my beautiful friends. I love you all!

My boyfriend does this thing where he asks a question every entry. I think I'm going to start doing that.

Dear friends, what is your relationship status? If you're taken.. tell me more about that special person! :)

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I am taken :-) My boyfriend, Mike, and I have been together for over four years. We were friends for a bit, but I was dating someone when we first met so I didn't even think about him in a romantic way. When he was doing a semester abroad in England, we talked online a lot. I ended up breaking up with the guy I was seeing and then realized I had a HUGE crush on Mike. We sort of hinted about liking each other and made plans to see each other over the summer when he got back from England. We had our first kiss on the Fourth of July and have been together ever since. It's been mostly long distance. We had a semester at school together, but then I left to do a semester abroad in Greece. He graduated that year and moved down to North Carolina. I spent that summer with him down there (which almost wrecked our relationship) and then had to go back to Massachusetts for school. I spent the next summer down there as well, but started my Master's program at NYU that fall. In September 2010 he started his PhD program at Harvard, which is thankfully much closer to New York than North Carolina, but still frustrating. I eventually want to move to Boston to be with him, but don't feel comfortable moving without a job there or being engaged. So, for now, we usually see each other one ot two weekends a month and talk multiple times a day. The distance is definitely hard to deal with, but I would rather be in a long distance relationship with the right person than a regular relationship with the wrong one.

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