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Beautiful Girl
I really can't stand skanky bitches who can't find a man of their own so they have to go after other girls men. Seriously? Get a life. You are disgusting trash. I would never mess around with a guy who has a girlfriend. Hello. Grow UP.


Hi my beautiful friends. I love you all!

My boyfriend does this thing where he asks a question every entry. I think I'm going to start doing that.

Dear friends, what is your relationship status? If you're taken.. tell me more about that special person! :)

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Oh my god I agree with that statement. I can't understand how girls go after guys that are with someone else... and even after they find out (in case the guy is sleazy and wasn't upfront) they still continue to see them! I just... don't get it.

Well I am currently taken =) His name is Jorge and he's 21 years old but acts like a 35 year old. We didn't want to date at first but after being convinced... we hit it off on our first date... a week later we were official and we have been that way for over a year now =3

aw how adorable! :) I'm happy for you.

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