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Beautiful Girl
I really can't stand skanky bitches who can't find a man of their own so they have to go after other girls men. Seriously? Get a life. You are disgusting trash. I would never mess around with a guy who has a girlfriend. Hello. Grow UP.


Hi my beautiful friends. I love you all!

My boyfriend does this thing where he asks a question every entry. I think I'm going to start doing that.

Dear friends, what is your relationship status? If you're taken.. tell me more about that special person! :)

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Oh my god I agree with that statement. I can't understand how girls go after guys that are with someone else... and even after they find out (in case the guy is sleazy and wasn't upfront) they still continue to see them! I just... don't get it.

Well I am currently taken =) His name is Jorge and he's 21 years old but acts like a 35 year old. We didn't want to date at first but after being convinced... we hit it off on our first date... a week later we were official and we have been that way for over a year now =3

aw how adorable! :) I'm happy for you.

I am taken :-) My boyfriend, Mike, and I have been together for over four years. We were friends for a bit, but I was dating someone when we first met so I didn't even think about him in a romantic way. When he was doing a semester abroad in England, we talked online a lot. I ended up breaking up with the guy I was seeing and then realized I had a HUGE crush on Mike. We sort of hinted about liking each other and made plans to see each other over the summer when he got back from England. We had our first kiss on the Fourth of July and have been together ever since. It's been mostly long distance. We had a semester at school together, but then I left to do a semester abroad in Greece. He graduated that year and moved down to North Carolina. I spent that summer with him down there (which almost wrecked our relationship) and then had to go back to Massachusetts for school. I spent the next summer down there as well, but started my Master's program at NYU that fall. In September 2010 he started his PhD program at Harvard, which is thankfully much closer to New York than North Carolina, but still frustrating. I eventually want to move to Boston to be with him, but don't feel comfortable moving without a job there or being engaged. So, for now, we usually see each other one ot two weekends a month and talk multiple times a day. The distance is definitely hard to deal with, but I would rather be in a long distance relationship with the right person than a regular relationship with the wrong one.

What brought about that rant? hahaha

And to answer your question, I'm single :D
But I love being single, no unnecessary drama, no quarrels! Well I mean, you gotta look on the bright side of everything right? Not gonna wallow about my non-existent love life :>

I couldn't agree with that rant more. My boyfriend's much former flame tried for a year to steal BF from me (he didn't even flinch) and even now she acts like we're in competition for him and is very patronising and degrading towards me. Plus, her boyfriend recently cheated on her so now she's all, "Omg, woe is me" and BF is trying to be a good friend (as they were friends before flames) but knows how I feel about her. EGGSHELLS.

Anyway, I hate her and hope she either moves REALLY FAR AWAY or dies somehow. I know, I'm a horrible person, but I can't seem to get rid of her!

Apart from that, the BF and I have no problems, lol. We've been together 3 years and live together. We got together via the FWB scheme; it took him seven months to get into my pants, for two months we were sleeping together while I fell for him AND another guy. I didn't realise BF was falling for me too, however, and got together with this guy just before - the night before - he went to Europe for a month. BF got Crazy Jealous and spent the next month wooing me without me catching on. Cuz I am an idiot. :P

We came to the conclusion that yes, we liked each other but weren't sure if a relationship would work. Two weeks after that we were together. And then I found out he'd been trying his damnedest to get me to choose him.

I won the Miss Oblivious award for that one.

But he's great. He's my best friend, he's smart and really funny and is very, very patient with me and all my little issues. He's not great with managing money but he's getting much better at letting ME manage it, so we're good there. XD

Couldn't agree more!!!!

I'm engaged as of less than a week ago and recently found out I'm going to be a mommy. =)

Oh my gosh.. I just saw this.. CONGRATS!! :D

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